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IRMATEL SMS Feature codes

SMS Features help you to use our services more convenient and easy.


Card Activation

Card Activation

    Send your PIN number with a text message to 0122787185 as follows:

    REG*PIN – ex. REG*123456789102

Making Call

Making call:

Send a text message to 0122787185 containing the complete destination number (include country code). For example: 00982188776655

You will receive a call from IRMATEL telephone center.

Answer the call and wait for connecting to destination.

Note 1: if you are using cell phone, this is an economical methode, and it is recommended.
Note 2: In this method, your account will be charged extra10 cents per minute,and your mobile operator will not charge you at all.
Note 3: you will receive a call within 10 seconds after successful sending of the message. Check your balance IRMATEL credit if didn't receive the callback.

Check your Balance

Check your IRMATEL Balance credit:

Open a new message in your cell phone.
  1. Send a message to 0122787185 including the word CREDIT.
  2. The IRMATEL will announce your remaining credit in a message.

Add your family members

Add your family members to your account:

IRMATEL allow you to use one account with four registered numbersHere is how to add extra registered number under your account
  1. Open a new SMS message by the cell phone which has been registered already.
  2. send message to 0122787185 containing the following message: ADD*NO
  3. for example: ADD*0172033789

Share credit

Share credit transfer to friends:

You can transfer part of your remaining credit to your friends using this service.

Send a text message to 0122787185 containing: SHARE*NO*AMOUNT,

for example: SHARE*0172033789*5

Note 1: Your friend has to be a subscriber of IRMATEL.

Note 2: Minimum share amount is RM2



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